Fahad Hossaini

Hey! I'm Fahad. A second year student at the University of Toronto.
I'm studying Mathematics and Computer Science.

There's not much interesting about this site.
I'll update it when necessary.

If you're interested in my resume, you canopen it ordownload it.

I uploaded my Wordle Clone on theGoogle Play Store which you can download and play right now.

I'm working on an Introduction To Mathematical Proofs Playlist over the Summer, which can be foundhere!

I have ablog (Is it a blog or a collection of writings?) on this website. Visit it if you're interested! It's quite new so I don't have much, but I'll keep it updated.

If you need to contact me, don't be scared to do so! You can reach me athossainifahad@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you return!