I had this bookmark on my computer for two years, right below YouTube, of a google doc of a story I wrote a few pages for. I hadn’t looked at it for years, so I expected a whole lot of cringe. But with a little editing it still holds up in my opinion. Here it is:

Winter. Howling winds from an unexpected snowstorm threw her perfect plan in disarray. Today, she expected to finish her shopping before moving out. She kept peering out the window, the snow kept piling on the windowsill and the garden gnome’s hat the only thing in sight. Despite this, the house was warm and comfortable. Heat emanating from the vents. The dim yellowish light right above her. The off-white-colored walls and the iconic popcorn ceiling. The television was turned off and the sizzling sounds in the kitchen overran by the kitchen range hood. She’s been here for most of her life, and she came to fall in love with it. Maybe not the area, or the mundane daily life, but this house. This moment brought her to peace. But as quickly as it came, it went. A voice from the distance called.

“Yeah, I’m coming!” she replied.

After a few more seconds of peering out the window, she got off the couch while sliding on her slippers and starting walking on the familiar hardwood. She peeked around the corner. She asked, “What’s up Mom?”

“Breakfast’s almost ready so go wake your brother.”

“Yep.” Every step on the stairs, the hardwood creaked. Not so loud that it felt like it would collapse in on itself, but loud enough to know the house was old. She reached the top of the steps. She walked straight into her brother’s room. The wall on the opposite side was partially a bookshelf, every shelf covered in comics, manga, and fiction books. Beside the shelf, a small wooden desk for his studies. His bed on the other side of the shelf, it was only a few steps before Peach was beside her brother. “Get up sleepyhead!” She said loudly.

“Yeah, yeah, okay” he whispered under his breath. He rubbed his eyes, slowly got up and sat on the edge of his bed. Peach started scouring the bookshelf, as she always does when she enters the room, hoping to find something new knowing full well he hadn’t bought anything since the last time she checked. She said after a little while, “Anything you want me to get? Don’t be shy!”

“ volumes for any manga. Other than that, nothing of note. I’ll probably get something myself.”

“You sure? I mean, I usually get something myself. Oh, speaking of, anything you want from my collection? I know you love your rom coms. If not, we’ll have to pack it up before I leave.”

“I already took everything I want, but I’ll take another look.”

“Okay. Get ready and come downstairs.” Peach sighs, thinking about what to do next. “Snowstorm’s being a bitch.”

“That’s your fault for not planning better.”

“Yeah, but.... I might go shopping in a few days instead of today.” She left the room with the door open so Charlie wouldn’t go back to sleep. She went to her room. A decent amount of her stuff was put in storage or packed up. The few posters she had on the wall were taken down long ago, and the room felt emptier day by day. After a few seconds of looking around at her room, it hit her, she really was moving away for college. Either way, she picked up her phone, and went downstairs looking at her notifications.

And end scene! There’s a bit more but I’m too scared to read the rest of this. I’m super surprised at how much better it is that I remember it being. I remember enjoying writing the beginning part, so maybe it really does go downhill from here. Either way, there’s a high chance Peach’s story never gets uncovered. I think would enjoy writing the story.